How Solving Sales works

Start a journey

Start a journey to master sales skills. Start a journey to establish solid sales process. Start a journey to tackle team level or enterprise wide requirements.

Master a topic at a time

Complete quests, do retention  activities, fight mock battles with yourself, and feel your power to learn grow as your mastery of sales might builds. 

Collect points

As you complete quests and conquer your fears and apprehensions, your accolades build and your stature increases. 

New material is added weekly

There is always a reason to come back to Solving Sales to get new information, conquer new quests, master new activities, and add to your skills. Explore to find new nuggets of wisdom and new challenges.   At the enterprise level, you are adding your own improvements, too. 

Work through it and repeat

Once you complete the quests and master the skills, it is time to do the whole set of journeys all over again. New quests and challenges were added since you started.  You have had more experience and have changed. You return with a different level of maturity and gain more insight. 

Solving Sales uses proven methods

8 proven devices for training retention

You are not yet ready to learn these. A journey begins at the beginning. They will become apparent as your hero's powers grow. 

5 moods that make training impactful

Until you can control and master your moods, you will not be prepared to use them effectively in training. Patience, grasshopper. You may get there if you follow the path. 

There is no defense or offense

This cannot make sense to you now. But as your powers grow and  you hone the ability to see beyond yourself and beyond the battle, this will begin to make sense. 

Do you have the tiny bit of courage needed to begin? It does not take much...just enough to sign up and complete the first few quests.

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