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management consulting or sales training tool


Individuals who seek to master sales can grow through the platform.


Teams can master sales together and bring improvement to their skills. 


Enterprise clients can use Solving Sales to provide sales training, and to power their internal management consulting efforts.

Resellers and Agents

Companies that already serve a client base can add Solving Sales as a service component, and everyone prospers. 

Management Consultants

Help others master the journey through your consulting practice. Help them find the best paths to epic sales glory. 

Organizations we support

Share with organizations that make the world a better place. We support  empowering and encouraging kids. We seek to protect wild places and wild creatures for future generations. 

Join us in our journey

Be the change in your own life. Be the positive change in the world. 

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Our "Why".... Why do we do this?

The honor of being a mentor

"I have had so many people tell me over the years that I helped them become better sales people, and helped improve their lives and improve their companies.  That feels so good to hear. I want to mentor more people on a grand scale and help them do well and do good. Solving Sales does this for me."  - Tron Jordheim, founder. 

Making the world a better place

"I am passionate about protecting wild places and wild creatures for our grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren.  I also love to support groups that help kids develop into great people. Help me to make the world a better place. One dollar from every monthly subscription will be shared among ten organizations that are doing great things. This adds up. For instance, when  we have 100,000 subscribers, each organization will get $10,000 a month from Solving Sales. Just think how that could grow! Join me in my quest, Sign up today. Tell your friends to sign up. Let's make the world a better place!"  - Tron Jordheim, founder. 

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