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Disrupt Sales Training

What is Solving Sales?

Solving Sales. Sales Training that is fun

Solving Sales is a fun and effective self-directed sales training and business process app that feels more like a hero's journey than a dull training program. You play through journeys and quests to become the master of your own sales hero's story. 

Why disrupt sales training?

Solving Sales is a disrupts stale sales practices

Current sales training and business process training isn't fun for trainees, isn't fun for trainers, and doesn't bring the expected results. Right? So why keep spoon feeding content that isn't always relevant or personally useful?  There is a better way.

How we disrupt sales training...

Solving Sales is sales training that brings results

Solving Sales makes the training, learning and mastering of the process self directed, enjoyable, and trainees enjoy it like a game or a hobby.  Trainers will love Solving Sales because we use proven methods for engagement and retention. Bosses love it because it brings results. 

What are you seeking?

Are you a sales trainer?

We can make your job easier and help you feel good about the participation and progress of your trainees.  You can even build your own training into Solving Sales. You can become the champion of sales for your organization. 

Are you a sales or customer service rep?

Are you excited by your potential and looking for aids and tools to do better? Or do you feel frustrated and intimidated?  Maybe you feel as if  you can't make  progress? Either way, Solving Sales  will help you find clarity, purpose, and success. 

Do you manage sales operations?

Congratulations. You have just been put on the path to real results. In the past you may have been disappointed that training initiatives did not increase conversion rates. That was then . This is now. Welcome to your new world!

Are you in Human Resources?

You are in the right place. Solving Sales  is built on the many great devices that bring strong sales training retention, increase trainee engagement, and change behaviors. Solving Sales can be expanded to incorporate your company specific sales skill training and compliance issues as well. 

Are you a service provider?

If you serve other businesses with software, tracking, CRM, POS or other business tools, or if you sell items for resale, you have a great opportunity here. Add Solving Sales as a white label solution and see your customers' results light up. 

Do you want to learn to sell?

If you feel that adding good sales skills to your many talents and abilities will help you make the next steps in your professional or personal development, you are in the right place, too. Solving Sales is your path to sales skill mastery. 

Anyone can learn to be good at sales.

You just need an engaging, entertaining, and transformative experience... the journey you are about to begin with Solving Sales. 

Take advantage of our special pricing and subscribe today. 

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Solving Sales Works Three Ways

As an individual

You work on your own and for yourself to control and manage your own journey to mastering sales skills and process. Build yourself into your own hero. 

As a team

Team leaders and team members collaborate to bring the whole team to the pinnacle of sales performance glory. 

As an enterprise

Your enterprise can add its own sales quests and business process journeys to Solving Sales and make all your learning and compliance epic successes. 

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